Take a Hike in New Mexico

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of taking a hike? Perhaps you might think about hitting the Northeast and the Appalachian Trail or maybe just going for a stroll through the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee. Either of those are certainly worthy of your attention, but don’t overlook New Mexico and all of the spectacular areas it has to go hiking.

One of the areas that you might enjoy taking a hike in New Mexico is Yapashi Ruins Trail. This is an often overlooked area, but it is well worth a trip. You should be prepared for a difficult hike, however, and it is a 6 mile track in one direction. You can find the path directly from the visitor center and from there, you can begin to explore the canyons and the messa that offer you quite a view.

If you would like to get out into the mountains and enjoy some hiking through the woods, you might enjoy heading to the Carson National Forest. The Gavilan Trail is not only beautiful, it also provides quite a challenge for anyone who would like to go out for a day hike. It is something that can be done in a day, with a round trip of approximately 5 miles. The elevation of the trailhead is at 9000 feet, so be sure that you are adjusted so that you don’t have a problem with elevation sickness.

With a 40 mile round-trip, the Gila Loop Trail is certainly well worth your attention. It is located in the southwest area of New Mexico and you will find that it climbs quite rapidly from the trailhead to overlook some of the most beautiful areas that the state has to offer. It is at a higher elevation, so make sure that you are adjusted before you hit the loop. It takes two days to do the trail properly, so bring your backpack and camping gear.

These are some of the many different areas that you may find interesting within New Mexico when you plan on going on a hike. Hiking is quite rewarding, because it not only provides you with a view that most people are unable to see, it is quite invigorating and strenuous as well. Take the time to hike in New Mexico today and you will find that it provides everything you need.